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Ambucore General Merchandise and Ambulance Services

Our priority is Saving Lives
Our responsibility is Providing Quality Care
Our duty is to Maintain Highest Standard of Care...

We Sell Quality EMS/AMBULANCE Equipment
-Head Immobilizer
-Sam Splint
-Trauma Bag
-Jump kit Bag
-Portable Oxygen tank (Pin-type)
-Pin-type Regulator
-Power Scissor
-Emergency Blanlket
-Reel traction splint
-Pocket Mask
-Face Shield
-And Many more

We Customize Ambulance Unit
-Body Stickers

We Provide Ambulance Service
-Ambulance Standby (Team building, Fun Run, Concert, Video Taping/shooting)
-Patient Transport (Hospital - Hospital, House - Hospital, Hospital- House)

We Also Conduct Training ( minimum of 30 persons and venue)
-Basic Life Support with Intro to AED
-First Responder Training Program

ALL our staff is Well Trained and Professional...
All Personnel is Also FEPAG Volunteer (Since 1993)... We've Been Doing EMS long Before ANY AMBULANCE SERVICE IN THE COUNTRY......

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