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Trainings Offered

FEPAG provides EMS certification trainings, including its Emergency Medical Responder Training Program (EMRTP) and Basic Life Support (BLS) courses that not only produce adequately skilled and proactive EMS practitioners but also advance the notion of emergency preparedness and a ‘safety first’ mentality among participants.

There are currently no upcoming training schedules as of now but sure enough we will post the training dates as soon as possible on our website and social media accounts so follow us and subscribe to our newsletter so you do not miss out.

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Basic Life Support

Training course covering the topics on a. FBAO (Foreign Body Airway Obstruction) b. Rescue Breathing ,and c. Cardio-Pulmonary-Cerebral Resuscitation. 16 Hours Course. Certificates will be given upon completion.

Learn to do something when somebody is choking, stops breathing or his/her heart stops beating.

Handled by highly qualified instructors, the 16 hours is divided into 8 hours of lecture and demo, and 8-hours of examinations and return demos by the participants. The said training is also a pre-requisite for the First Responder Training Program.

bls poster
bls poster

Emergency Medical Responder

Training course that focuses on providing immediate BLS and urgent care with limited equipment. The course also familiarizes the students with the additional procedures, equipment, and packaging techniques to assist EMT's when called upon Certificates will be given upon completion.

Learn more advance techniques to aid higher trained officials like EMT's.

Handled by highly qualified instructors, the 56 hours is divided into 7 consecutive 8 hour-long Sundays of lecture and demo as well as return demos by the participants.